About Us BKUP

Thompson Electric, Inc. is a fast growing and successful electrical company founded and operated under the leadership and wisdom of third generation electrician Jon Thompson. Founded in 2010, this company has made its mark in the residential and commercial construction industry.  Jon Thompson, learned his trade under the expertise of  his grandfather, 50 year master electrician and founder of Speck's Electric, Harold Speck. When Harold retired and passed his company down to his son, Scott Speck, Jon continued to work for the family business.

After eight years of working for these two outstanding electricians, Jon decided to branch out on his own with the blessing of both his grandfather, Harold, and his uncle, Scott. Jon is blessed with the family passion, natural talent and ability to be the best electrical contractor in our area. He is licensed as an electrical contractor with the state of Tennessee, and is committed to continuing the high quality of work and excellent service his family has become known for.