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Upgrade Your Thermostat for Savings, Rebates and Energy Reduction

Last week we wrote about many ways in which you can reduce your electrical costs in our blog How To Reduce Your Electric Costs This Winter! One of our top points was upgrading your thermostat. This simple upgrade can make a big difference, for little cost. It also works with older HVAC units so can be done in just about any home. There are a number of choices in the "smart thermostat" market. The one we have found to be the best is the Nest.

How It Saves...

The Nest is a "learning" thermostat and picks up your habits and preferences and automatically adapts for you. It will learn when you come and go and when you usually got to bed or wake up and will optimize your home temperature accordingly. It is learning for your comfort and for energy savings.


To make things even easier to decide many energy companies offer households rebates for upgrading their homes with energy savings devices such as this. Often this covers a good amount of the cost of the product you are purchasing! Check with your local energy company to see if this applies to you.

Contact Us

If you are local to the greater Nashville area and are considering upgrading your home thermostat or any other electrical improvements Contact Us Today. We have installed the Nest in many homes, including our own

Phone: 615-547-1844

Here is a video from Nest about their thermostat. You can learn more here too:


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